Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Buy "All You Need Is Brains" on DVD

Buy the home edition of THE ZOMBEATLES: ALL YOU NEED IS BRAINS on DVD! It's the perfect stocking stuffer for all of your "Christmas in July" consumerism needs!

We know how busy you are so we've kept the film to an incredibly fast-paced 23 minutes running time! How did we do it? By eliminating the trite and obvious subplots that make all too many feature films move about as fast as glaciers. We got rid of the excess fat and gristle and just kept the meat. It wasn't easy but, to be perfectly candid, WE THINK YOU'RE WORTH IT.

In the time it takes to watch a feature film, you can watch ALL YOU NEED IS BRAINS three or four times! And you'll want to re-watch it. There are so many levels on which to appreciate this fine film.

Don't miss your chance to be the proud owner of the movie that people are describing as NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD meets THIS IS SPINAL TAP and THE RUTLES: ALL YOU NEED IS CASH with just a hint of SHAUN OF THE DEAD.

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